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Why Faith Target

Unique Technology

Why Faith Target_Unique Technology_Fast Development
The simulation technology allows us to analyze precisely before entering into development, so that we can overcome the difficulty in forging forming process.
Also, our in-house die design & manufacturing capabilities enable us to respond quickly when die modification is required. Why Faith Target-Fast Development

Why Faith Target_Unique Technology_Net Shape Manufacturing
Cold/warm/hot combined forging process is applied to produce near net-shape forging that requires less, or even no machining operations, which saves time and costs.
Why Faith Target-Net Shape Forming

Why Faith Target_Unique Technology_Precision Forming
Advanced forging technology to precisely form the gear teeth up to JIS level 3-4 with no machining required, which not only reduces costs, but also improves the gear durability since the teeth are formed without breaking the material grain flow.
Why Faith Target-Gear Precision Forming